Thank you very much for your trust in our products! Herewith we would like to introduce the main features and properties of our products (hereinafter referred to as “product”):

- Product is being delivered as a final assembly that is “ready for use”, so there is no expectation of any additional assembly works to be done by the customer.
- Product consists of 2 solid sidewalls that include handles (cutouts in the solid sidewalls), solid bottom and 2 flexible sidewalls. Sidewalls of the product are made of various materials that are in general very flammable.
- Product is designed for transportation of personal belongings that do have an appropriate size. Product is not designed for industrial application.
- Load capacity of the product: 20 Kg
- Product is not suitable for transportation of animals nor persons.
- Any modifications or adjustments of the product are not recommended. After-sales service or repairs are supposed to be done in specialized stores by a qualified person, eventually can be ordered directly by the producer.
- Dismantling of the product is not allowed. Maintenance of the product is supposed to be done in specialized stores by a qualified person, eventually can be ordered directly by the producer.
- Product is water-resistant.
- Overturning or fall of the product might cause serious injuries.
- There is a risk of serious lacerations and other injuries if handled carelessly, which can, in extreme cases, cause permanent health consequences or death.
- Do not use a product that is damaged.
- Product is not designed for persons under 15 years of age.
- Product that is empty is supposed to be transported in the folded state.
- Feel free to contact customer service in case of any questions related to the construction of the product, its load capacity, purpose of use, eventually any other queries you might have.

Instruction for folding and unfolding

1) Please remove the product from the cardboard box before the first use.
2) Grab the product – use the handles (cutouts in the solid sidewalls, each hand is supposed to grab one handle)
3) Unfold the solid sidewalls so that the product is fully open, means that the solid sidewalls are in 90° angle towards the bottom of the product.

1) Grab the solid sidewalls – use the handles.
2) Get both solid sidewalls close to each other, so that it is possible to grab both of the solid sidewalls by one hand.
3) Grab the product by one hand, using the handles that are next to each other now.
4) Now you need to make sure that also the flexible sidewalls are on their right place  these textile sidewalls are supposed to be below the solid ones. Basically, position of the flexible sidewalls is supposed to be the same like it was before the first use. Simply, the textile sidewalls need to be folded under the solid sidewalls.
5) Put down the product and take your hands off the handles  the product is finally folded (closed). Solid sidewalls lie on the textile sidewalls.
Please see the final state of the folded product below:

Producer: PatoBox s.r.o., headquarters Bedřicha Smetany 1981, 511 01 Turnov, Czech Republic. Company ID: 08838402
Company tax number ID: CZ08838402

Customer service:
- Tel.: +420 737 467 980
- Email: